How to spot the genuine leather.

Many of our customers always ask rhetorical question when they want to buy our product, “is it the real leather or not?” 

So, by the time of many questionable things about our material, we would like to share to those out there, how to recognize your leather product. because nowadays the development of fashion material especially for bag, wallet, and shoes has been evolve rapidly. and we almost cannot see the difference between the real leather skin cow or  faux leather, because if you compare two material with the same color, you won’t see the difference. 

the question is, how to spot the difference between the real leather or PU leather, 

  1. Smell it, if your goods is smell like chemical/plastic  it could be PU leather, because PU leather made from plastic coating plus chemical material,  so it smells like plastic + chemical. and The real leather is made from cow/sheep hides leather plus chemical material, so it smells like mixed leather cow/sheep skin and some chemical ( it smells good actually) 
  2. Burn it, sometimes the second test is a little bit ridiculous but trust me it works, by burning the surface of your leather product with lighter, if you smells like skin burnt, it might be genuine leather, but if you smells like plastic burnt, it could be PU/Faux Leather.  

actually, it’s hard to recognize the genuine leather by only see and hand feel it, but the only way  you can do is smell it ( if you buy brand new product) if it smell like plastic it must be PU/Faux Leather, but if it smell like animal skin, it must be genuine leather.