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KART 2.0

this product inspired by go-kart which is has certain similarities with go-kart. small, light, and fast. those three words are fully characterize what KART is.


An organizer bag for hard worker who have high mobility and needs to carry their things into one organizer bag to facilitate their activity.


can bring your phone up to 5’5 inch and have a place for 15 cards so you don’t need to select what card yo should bring. It also have a secure slot for your money, pen, and small slot for your key or sim card/micro sd


PLYE BAG is an acronym for Practically Leaning Your Equipment, which has certain purposes for women who needs some large capacity for their belongings. with fine quality leather crazyhorse, these bag would last maybe until 5-6 years.



  • dhiptadi

    No more messy things!
    Now my daily companion is organized well.

  • ekplo

    It solves my problem
    on carrying all my stuffs together.

  • dhaniaryudhaa

    Simple but luxurious.

  • wimboprakoso

    My new companion,
    saved my “printilan” props.

Hit to watch the video of Indra Tri Kurniawan.

#POV: Indra Tri Kurniawan

Hit to watch the video of Indra Tri Kurniawan.

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